2006 Index


Volume 1. Issue 3. November 2006

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Foreword by Dr. John Adamson.

1. Camilla Vizconde. Attitudes of Student Teachers towards the use of English as Language of Instruction for Science and Mathematics in the Philippines
2. Francesco Cavallaro. Language Dynamics of an Ethnic Minority Group: Some Methodological Concerns on Data Collection
3. Raphiq Ibrahim. Do Languages with Cognate Relationships have Advantages in Second Language Acquisition?
4. Mina Rastegar. Causal Modeling – Path Analysis: A New Trend in Research in Applied Linguistics
5. F. Sadighi and S. Zare. Is Listening Comprehension Influenced by the Background Knowledge of the Learners? A Case Study of Iranian EFL learners
6. Liu Jing, Evie Tindall and Deanna Nisbet. Chinese Learners and English Plural Forms


Volume 1. Issue 2. June 2006

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1. Payung Cedar. Thai and American Responses to Compliments in English
2. Ali Rahimi and Rahman Sahragard. A Critical Discourse Analysis of Euphemization and Derogation in Emails on the Late Pope
3. Patil. Z.N. On the Nature and Role of English in Asia
4. Nelya Koteyko. Corpus Linguistics and the Study of Meaning in Discourse

Volume 1. Issue 1. January 2006

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Foreword by John Adamson.

1. Roger Nunn. – The Pragmatics of Cooperation and Relevance for Teaching and Learning
2. Hamideh Jamshidiha and Hamideh Marefat. L1 Persian Attrition
3. Forood Sepassi and Amin Marzban. Anaphor Resolution in Implicit and Explicit Causality Structures ofthe Active and Passive Types
4. Hamid Allami. A Sociopragmatic Analysis of Griping: The Case of Iranian Students