2007 Index


Volume 2. Issue 3. December 2007.

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Foreword by Biljana Cubrovic

1. Georgia Andreou. Phonological Awareness in Bilingual and Trilingual Schoolchildren
2. Kazuya Saito. The Influence of Explicit Phonetic Instruction on Pronunciation Teaching in EFL settings: The Case of English Vowels and Japanese Learners of English
3. Joanne Rajadurai. Capturing L2 Spoken English: Methodological Challenges
4. Reza Ghafar Samar & Goodarz Alibakhshi. The Gender Linked Differences in the Use of Linguistic Strategies in Face-to face Communication
5. Ying-chien Cheng. The Effects of Two Teaching Methodologies on the Hierarchy of Difficulty of Restrictive Relative Clauses among Taiwanese Tenth Graders
6. Pham Phu Quynh Na. Translating Topic-Comment Structures of Vietnamese into English
7. Shan-fang Guo. Is Idiom Comprehension Influenced by Metaphor Awareness of the Learners?
8. Giao Quynh Tran. The Nature of Pragmatic and Discourse Transfer in Compliment Responses in Cross-Cultural Interaction


Volume 2. Issue 2. August 2007.

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Foreword by Helmut Daller

1. Forood Sepassi and S. Aryadoust. Testing the Natural Order Hypothesis on the Framework of the Competition Model
2. Shu-Chu Chen and Shu-Hui Eileen Chen. Interlanguage Requests: A Cross-Cultural Study of English and Chinese
3. I-Ping Wan. On Correlating Aphasic Errors with Speech Errors in Mandarin
4. Anastasia Khudyakova. Metaphors Following the Model ‘N of a N’
5. Fariba Mobini. Farsi-speaking Learners’ Differential Command of Definite Types: A Cross-linguistic Study

Volume 2. Issue 1. April 2007

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Foreword by Dr. John Adamson.

1. Larisa Nikitina and Fumitaka Furuoka. Beliefs about Language Learning: A Comparison between Novice and Interm ediate Level Students Learning Russian at a Malaysian University
2. Hessa Al Falasi. Just Say “Thank You”: A Study of Compliment Responses
3. Mohammad Ali Salmani-Nodoushan. Politeness Markers in Persian Requestives
4. Mohammad Reza Talebinezhad and Giti Mousapour Negari. The Effect of Explicit Teaching of Concept Mapping in Expository Writing on EFL Students’ Self-regulation
5. Farzaneh Khodabandeh. A Contrastive Analysis of English and Persian Newspaper Headlines
6. Daniel Nkemleke. “You will come when?”The pragmatics of certain questions in Cameroon English
7. Raphiq Ibrahim. Does Exposure to Second Spoken Language Facilitate Word Reading Ability?
8. Yan Wang. A Functional Study of the Final Particle mono in Japanese Conversational Discourse