2008 Index

Volume 3. Issue 3. December 2008

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Table of Contents:

Foreword by Katalin Egri Ku-Mesu

1. Niina Ning Zhang – Existential Coda Constructions as Internally Headed Relative Clause Constructions

2. Mahamane L. Abdoulaye – Four Types of Scene Setting Clauses in Hausa

3. Rajiv Rao – Observations on the Roles of Prosody and Syntax in the Phonological Phrasing of Barcelona Spanish.

4. Jin Kai – Lexical Cohesion Pattersn in NS and NNS Dissertation Abstracts in Applied Linguistics: A Comparative Study

5. Payung Ceda – Learners’ Recognition of Thai-English Idiom Counterparts

6. Ángela Alameda-Hernández – SFL and CDA: Contributions of the Analysis of the Transitivity System in the Study of the Discursive Construction of National Identity (Case Study: Gibraltar)


Volume 3. Issue 2. August 2008

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Table of Contents:

Foreword by Francesco Cavallaro

1. Farahman Farrokhi, Ali Akbar Ansarin and Zhila Mohammadnia. . Preemptive Focus on Form: Teachers’ Practices across Proficiencies

2. Caroline C. Hwang. Pragmatic Conventions and Intercultural Competence

3. Ylva Olausson. The Head as an Element in Swedish Compound Words

4. Zuraidah Mohd Don, Gerry Knowles and Janet Yong. How Words can be Misleading: A Study of Syllable Timing and ‘Stress’ in Malay

5. Raphiq Ibrahim. Does Visual and Auditory Word Perceptions have a Language-Selective Input? Evidence from Word Processing in Semitic Languages.


Volume 3. Issue 1.

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Table of Contents:

Foreword by Andrea Milde

1. Mari Lehtinen. Downgrading the Importance of What Is Said via Prosodic Cues:A Comparative Perspective on the Use of Stylised Intonation Contours in French and in Finnish

2. Yasunari Fujii. The Asymmetrical Relationship Between the Active and Passive Voice: Implications for Teaching Japanese-to-English Translation of Specialized Scientific Texts

3. Mahboobeh Morshedian. The Role of Initial English as Foreign Language Proficiency in Lexical Attrition/Retention of Iranian Learners: Is Productive or the Receptive Word Knowledge of Learned Nouns More Likely to be Lost?

4. Elsa Gonzalez-Álvarez & Susana M. Doval-Suárez. Testing the Cognitive Categorisations of at in Native and Non-Native English Speakers. Evidence from a Corpus Study

5. Weimin Zhang & Guiling Hu. A Corpus-Based Study of Subjunctive Mood Patterns: Implications for EFL Instruction

6. Anna Feldman. Tagset Design, Inflected Languages, and N-gram Tagging