Volume 5 Issue 1 2011

| February 6, 2011

Volume 5 Issue 1 2011

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Foreword by John Adamson

Research Papers

  1. Bader S. Dweik & Mariam M. Abu Shakra. Problems in Translating Collocations in Religious Texts from Arabic
  2. Fengjuan Zhang. Prototype Theory and the Categorizationof the English Tense System
  3. Arthur S. Firkins. The Aboriginal Practitioner as Communication Mediator in Intercultural Bureaucratic Encounters
  4. Muneera Yahya Ali Muftah & Wong Bee Eng. English Verb Movement Parameter in the Interlanguage of L1 Arabic
  5. Taweel, Abeer Q., Saidat, Emad M., Rafayah, Hussein A., & Saidat, Ahmad M. Hedging in Political Discourse

Research Notes

  1. John Esposito. A Critical Approach to the Analysis of Advertisements
  2. Kamisah Ariffin & Misyana Susanti Husin. Code-switching and Code-mixing of English and Bahasa Malaysia in Content-Based Classrooms: Frequency and Attitudes

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