Volume 7 Issue 1 June 2013

| June 6, 2013

Volume 7 Issue 1 June 2013

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Foreword by John Adamson

Research Articles

1. Paul Dickinson. “B/w U & me”: The Functions of Formulaic Language in Interactional Discourse on Twit er

2. Candice R. Luebbering. Displaying the Geography of Language: the Cartography of Language Maps

3. Cynthia S. Wiseman & Patti Juza. Compliment Response Behaviors of ESL and Bilingual Speakers in an Urban College

4. Chuan-Chi Chang & Amara Prasithrathsint. A comparison of the semantic networks for on in English and shàngmiàn‘ upside’ in Mandarin Chinese

5. Rahma Al-Mahrooqi. Omani student responses to American literature in translation: The effect of the interaction between American culture and the Arabic Language

6. Farzaneh Khodabandeh, Dr. Manochehre Jafarigohar, Dr. Hassan Soleimani, & Dr. Fatemeh Hemmati. The Impact of Explicit, Implicit, and No-Formal Genre-based Instruction on Argumentative Essay Writing

7. Matthew Coomber. Which ‘I’ is really me?: Identity, pronouns and language learning

Research Notes

8. Cui Ying. Presupposition Revisited: the Role of Context

9. Veeramuthu Veerappan, Dahlia Syahrani Md. Yusof, & Afizal Md. Aris. Language-Switching in L2 Composition among ESL and EFL Undergraduate Writers

10. Caroline Hwang and Anna Lee. A Comparison of the Female Identities in Chinese and English Advertisements

11. Mingzhen Bao. Acoustic Evidences for Glottalization of Word-Initial Vowels in Shughni

12. Nicholas Catasso. For a Headed Analysis of Free Relatives in German and English: The ‘Free Relative Economy Principle’:

13. Nahla Nola Bacha. Teacher Corrective Feedback on Disciplinary L2 Writing from Students’ and Teachers’

14. Nasser Al-Horais. A Minimalist Approach to the Internal Structure of Small Clauses

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