Foreword – January 2006

| January 9, 2014

January 2006. Volume 1
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Welcome to the first edition of The Linguistics Journal. It is our pleasure to publish four articles which have gone through a rigorous editorial procedure. I would like to thank those authors and editors who have in the last few months worked hard together to attain a standard of which we are proud. I especially use the word “together” because there is a strong ethos in this Journal of editors and authors working together in collaboration. This has been the policy at Asian EFL Journal and will continue to be so at The Linguistics Journal.

The opening op.ed. article published in this first edition has been written by Dr. Roger Nunn, from The Petroleum Institute in the UAE, an insightful study of the practical use of pragmatics in the EFL classroom. This is an essential reminder of the “applied” nature of much of linguistics. The second article comes from Drs. Jamshidiha and Marefat from the University of Tehran who look at first language attrition among Persian speakers of English, comparing Persian monolinguals with early and late bilinguals. The third article is from Dr. Farood Sepassi and Mr. Marzban at Azad University, Shiraz who present a fascinating quantitative study of anaphor resolution. Finally, Mr. Hamid Allami from Yadz University, Iran, investigates the concept of “griping” among Iranian students.

I hope you enjoy these first four studies in The Linguistics Journal. We look forward to any feedback you may have and hope you will view the site as a valuable academic source. Your own contributions are always welcome.

John Adamson, Ed.D.
Senior Associate Editor


Volume 1. Issue 1. January 2006

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Foreword by John Adamson.

1. Roger Nunn. – The Pragmatics of Cooperation and Relevance for Teaching and Learning
2. Hamideh Jamshidiha and Hamideh Marefat. L1 Persian Attrition
3. Forood Sepassi and Amin Marzban. Anaphor Resolution in Implicit and Explicit Causality Structures ofthe Active and Passive Types
4. Hamid Allami. A Sociopragmatic Analysis of Griping: The Case of Iranian Students

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