Volume 9 Issue 1 June 2015

| June 7, 2015


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Foreword by Biljana Čubrović

Research Articles

1. Tien Ngoc Dung Dang
The Influence of Vietnamese Syllable Structure CVk (consonant-vowel-consonant /k/) on Vietnamese Adult EFL Learners’ Intelligibility

2. Berrin Uçkun
Verb Semantics and Argument Structure Defining L2 Learners’ Dative Alternation Preferences

3. Alison Stewart and Brenda M. Wright
Positioning and Stance in Intercultural Communication: Cultural Identity in a Japanese-Malaysian Student Facebook Exchange

4. William MacDonald
Sleep Quantity and University Students’ English as a Foreign Language Test Performance

5. Warren Hancock
Attitudinal Recontextualisation in Media Texts: Positive and Negative Alignment and Media Subjectivity

6. Nazlınur Göktürk
The Acquisition of Verb Inflections by Adult Turkish Learners of English

Research Notes

7. Skott Freedman
The Influence of Neighborhood Density on Word Learning

8. Todd Allen
Implications in Aizuchi Research: What Can Japanese L1 Participants Tell Researchers? Responses from a Pilot Study.

9. Ying Cui and Yanli Zhao
Principles of Enhancing Students’ Memory in Translation Teaching with Reference to the Chinese Educational Context

10. Biljana Čubrović
Preliminary Problems in Contrasting Vowel Inventories: The Case of English and Serbian

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