Thesis Section


Every year countless excellent MA and Doctoral dissertations are written and submitted to University departments all over the world. Often they are read only by supervisors and examiners and are soon forgotten. This section of the Linguistics Journal provides a forum for those who would like to share their dissertation work with a wider audience without changing the format. The dissertations published here have been refereed and go through a similar review process to the articles published in the main section of the journal.






Masatoshi Shoji. Collocation Differences between Adjectives in English and English Adjective Loan Words in Japanese.
PDF Version

Pongprapunt Rattanaporn. Phonetics of Sgaw Karen in Thailand: an Acoustic Description.
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March 2013
Muhammad Yusaf Nofal. The Language Situation among the Indians of Yemen: A Sociolinguistic Study.
PDF version


October 2011
Wenjuan Yuan. A Study of Language Typology and Comparative Semantics:Human Locomotion Verbs in English and Chinese.
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October 2008
Xiaotian Guo. Verbs in the Written English of Chinese Learners:A Corpus-based Comparison between Non-native Speakers and Native Speakers.
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