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  1. Code Switching in Arabic – English and Telugu – English – A Minimalist Account
  2. Volume 10 Issue 1 July 2016
  3. When all is said and done: A Cognitive Approach to Intelligibility
  4. Language Transfer: From Topic Prominence to Subject Prominence
  5. Volume 9 Issue 1 June 2015
  6. Collocation Differences between Adjectives in English and English Adjective Loan Words in Japanese
  7. Volume 8 Issue 1 June 2014
  8. Foreword – Novermber 2006
  9. A Sociopragmatic Analysis of Griping: The Case of Iranian Students
  10. The Pragmatics of Cooperation and Relevance for Teaching and Learning
  11. Foreword – January 2006
  12. Corpus Linguistics and the Study of Meaning in Discourse
  13. On the Nature and Role of English in Asia
  14. A Critical Discourse Analysis of Euphemization and Derogation in Emails on the Late Pope
  15. Thai and American Responses to Compliments in English
  16. Foreword – June 2006
  17. Chinese Learners and English Plural Forms
  18. Is Listening Comprehension Influenced by the Background Knowledge of the Learners? A Case Study of Iranian EFL learners
  19. Causal Modeling – Path Analysis: A New Trend in Research in Applied Linguistics
  20. Do Languages with Cognate Relationships have Advantages in Second Language Acquisition?
  21. Language Dynamics of an Ethnic Minority Group: Some Methodological Concerns on Data Collection
  22. A Functional Study of the Final Particle mono in Japanese Conversational Discourse
  23. Does Exposure to Second Spoken Language Facilitate Word Reading Ability?
  24. “You will come when?”The pragmatics of certain questions in Cameroon English
  25. A Contrastive Analysis of English and Persian Newspaper Headlines
  26. The Effect of Explicit Teaching of Concept Mapping in Expository Writing on EFL Students’ Self-regulation
  27. Politeness Markers in Persian Requestives
  28. Just Say “Thank You”: A Study of Compliment Responses
  29. Beliefs about Language Learning: A Comparison between Novice and Interm ediate Level Students Learning Russian at a Malaysian University
  30. Foreword – April 2007
  31. Farsi-speaking Learners’ Differential Command of Definite Types: A Cross-linguistic Study
  32. Metaphors Following the Model ‘N of a N’
  33. On Correlating Aphasic Errors with Speech Errors in Mandarin
  34. Interlanguage Requests: A Cross-Cultural Study of English and Chinese
  35. Testing the Natural Order Hypothesis on the Framework of the Competition Model
  36. Foreword – August 2007
  37. The Nature of Pragmatic and Discourse Transfer in Compliment Responses in Cross-Cultural Interaction
  38. Is Idiom Comprehension Influenced by Metaphor Awareness of the Learners?
  39. Translating Topic-Comment Structures of Vietnamese into English
  40. The Effects of Two Teaching Methodologies on the Hierarchy of Difficulty of Restrictive Relative Clauses among Taiwanese Tenth Graders