A Critical Approach to the Analysis of Advertisements

| February 7, 2011

June 2011
Volume 5 Issue 1

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A Critical Approach to the Analysis of Advertisements

John Esposito
Chukyo University, Japan

John Esposito is Professor of English in the School of International Liberal Studies at Chukyo University in Nagoya, Japan, where he teaches courses in the Mass Media, Cultural Studies, and Critical Discourse Analysis. His primary research interests involve the theoretical and pedagogical intersections of communication, culture, and ecology.


As a means of addressing the pedagogical challenges of linking second language acquisition to critical thinking, this paper introduces a multidimensional approach to the perspective associated with Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA). After outlining the primary aims and assumptions of this perspective, which is distinguished from other forms of critical thinking, the merits of utilizing advertisements as the focus of inquiry are discussed. A three level approach to the analysis of advertisements developed for Japanese university students is then presented. In the final section, a summary of students’ research findings points toward the benefits of establishing a critical perspective in the EFL classroom. These include not only the improvement of thinking and language skills, but also a better appreciation for the powerful influence of advertising in modern life.

Keywords: second language acquisition, critical discourse analysis, advertisements

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