A Minimalist Approach to the Internal Structure of Small Clauses

| June 6, 2013

July 2013

Volume 7 Issue 1

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A Minimalist Approach to the internal structure of Small Clauses

Nasser Al-Horais
Qassim University

Bioprofile: Dr. Nasser Al-Hoaris is an assistant professor of Linguistics at the Arabic Language Department of the University of Qassim (KSA), where he teaches General Linguistics, Theoretical Syntax and Comparative Syntax. His current research focuses on Arabic Linguistics, Theoretical Syntax and Chomskyan Syntactic Theory.
Email: nasser.alhorais@gmail.com


Much has been written about the syntax of Small Clause (SC) constructions, but the categorial node that dominates them remains an unresolved issue, though several different implementations have been proposed to find a plausible candidate. Within the framework of Minimalist Syntax , the current paper contributes to this ongoing debate by (i) arguing against a number of approaches to the categorial status of the SC node proposed in the pre-minimalist literature and (ii) suggesting that a SC constituent should be dominated by the TP-node, since the relevant construction has a tense feature and an agreement relation, as evidenced by data from Standard Arabic and French. In order to explain how tense, case and agreement exist in Small Clauses, we adopt the theories of Inheritance features (Chomsky 2006, 2008) and Multiple Agree (Hiraiwa 2000).

Keywords: Small Clauses; Multiple Agree; Predication; Tense; Ф-features; Feature Inheritance.


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